The Classic Southern Cheese Straw Just Got Better

Five Points Baking Company is a new North Carolina venture with a decidedly vintage vibe. In a world that prioritizes instant gratification and routinely sacrifices quality in favor of a faster, cheaper option, we're strikingly different. We are committed to taking the time to do things right, and we know that the details matter.  

This means we bake the way you do: by hand, with the best ingredients, without added preservatives and in small batches. It takes us a bit longer and costs a bit more, but the results are worth it! Our snacks are all natural and gluten free, while boasting incomparable flavor and texture. We're proud of the fact that our foods feature an ingredients list that a first grader can read, and a nutritional panel that adults won't regret reading. If you haven't had the chance to sample our snacks in your area, go ahead and make your selection from our online store – you won't be disappointed.


News & Notes

News & Notes
We're Featured in Taste of the South!!

Good news friends!  Five Points Baking Company's Almond Shortbread was featured in a spread in the December issue of Taste of the South!  We found a copy on the shelf at Target in Raleigh, but you can pick up a copy anywhere that sells magazines, or check out a subscription (or gift subscription!) here:  Taste of the South.

Five Points Featured in Southern Lady!!

We are just beside ourselves to announce that Five Points has been featured in the November/December 2015 issue of Southern Lady!  You can pick up a copy around town at Target, Harris Teeter and Barnes & Noble to name a few - it's a beautiful issue.  The scoop on Five Points can be found at p. 108.  Thank you so much to the wonderful folks at Southern Lady for introducing us to so many new friends across the country! 

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