Recipe: Delicious Gluten Free, Low Carb Fried Chicken

Love truly good fried chicken, but miss it terribly since you went gluten free or picked up that low carb diet?  Never fear - we've got the solution.  Truly delicious fresh fried chicken - without gluten and for a mere pittance of carbs.  A tasty, flavorful treat - the way fried chicken should be!  Remember: if you use an entire small box of straws to bread your chicken there will be a total of 10.5 grams carbohydrate in play (not to mention 17.5g protein before you add the chicken!); 18g carb/30g protein (before the chicken) if you use an entire large box.  


Fresh chicken tenderloins

EITHER: box of prepared Five Points Baking Company Cheese Straws OR Gluten Free Cheese Straws as prepared using Five Points Baking Company's recipe (see prior recipe post - you'll need a bag of our baking mix, 1.5 C extra sharp cheddar and 6 Tbsp. butter).

Fresh egg (1-2 large eggs per 1lb chicken)

Oil to pan fry chicken (we like olive oil)


1.     Trim fresh chicken tenderloins as desired; rinse and pat dry.  Set aside.

2.     Beat egg (one-at-a-time) in a separate bowl until well mixed.

3.     Crush prepared Five Points Baking Company cheese straws into crumbs.  Set aside in small plate.

4.     Roll chicken tenderloin in egg to coat, then transfer to plate of crumbs and roll until coated as desired.  Set aside onto clean plate.

5.     Heat oil in pan over medium-high heat.  Place breaded tenderloins in pan and cook until chicken meat is thoroughly done (white all the way through).  Adjust heat as necessary to ensure crumbs do not burn or overbrown before chicken is fully cooked (all cooktops are different).  Set cooked chicken on new plate lined with paper towel to absorb excess oil.  Serve immediately.