We're beside ourselves with anticipation for the move into Norris House in 2018.  For the first time ever, Five Points will have a steady retail presence in Raleigh.  Our local friends will be able to swing by to pick up their online orders, or browse what's available on our shelves.  We've got some big plans: holiday pies, birthday cakes and some new goodies.  You can count on us to stay all natural, gluten free and FRESH!  We'll see you soon!

Five Points Featured in the Raleigh News & Observer

Guess what?!  Our Artisanal Cheese Straws made the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide pubished today in The News & Observer!  All the details are available by clicking through to this link:  

We are so grateful to our hometown newspaper for helping us spread the word about all that we have to offer right here in Raleigh.  

Five Points Featured in Southern Lady!!

Five Points Featured in Southern Lady!!

We are just beside ourselves to announce that Five Points has been featured in the November/December 2015 issue of Southern Lady!  You can pick up a copy around town at Target, Harris Teeter and Barnes & Noble to name a few - it's a beautiful issue.  The scoop on Five Points can be found at p. 108.  Thank you so much to the wonderful folks at Southern Lady for introducing us to so many new friends across the country! 

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Almond Shortbread: Available in Cary

Hello friends!  Just a quick note to confirm that our new Almond Shortbread will now be available directly from Whole Foods Market in Cary!  We debuted the Shortbread at a demo tonight and promptly sold out, so there are no boxes on the shelf just yet.  We'll hit the kitchen tomorrow and deliver fresh shortbread Wednesday.  Check out our Facebook feed for delivery confirmation, and for news as the shortbread is added to other local shelves!

Foodie Gifts Event 12/17/14 - Whole Foods Raleigh

Raleigh area friends - Whole Foods Market Raleigh (Wade Avenue) is hosting its annual Foodie Gift event next Wednesday, December 17.  This is a great opportunity to walk the store tasting locally produced edibles and drinkables so you can pull together your tasteful gifts all in one efficient stop!  We'll be among the local participants, and hope to see you there.  Merry merry!

Shortbread is Here!!

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that our delicious Almond Shortbread is officially available - just in time for the holidays!  As always, we bake these incomparable treats fresh without gluten, artificial ingredients or added preservatives.  Using almonds in lieu of traditional wheat flour, we produce traditional butter shortbread cookies with just the right hint of sweetness.  They literally melt in your mouth!  As with our other products, these cookies also have a bit of nutritional value instead of being crammed with junk: four cookies boast 3g protein, 2g fiber and only 8g carbohydrate (6g sugar; 2g fiber).  For now, these are available exclusively online.  We'll update through Facebook and here when they're on the shelf of any of our retailers.  

Wide Open Bluegrass - October 2014

Wide Open Bluegrass - October 2014

Five Points is delighted to announce that we'll be a part of  2014 Wide Open Bluegrass in downtown Raleigh, October 3-4, 2014.  Raleigh is hosting the international festival for the second year in a row, and downtown will he hopping!  The main stages in the Raleigh Convention Center and Red Hat Amphitheater will host some of the best bluegrass lineups of the fall anywhere in the nation, with a Wide Open Jam featuring Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer, Bryan Sutton, & Stuart Duncan; Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby; a world premiere of a new concerto by The Kruger Brothers and the Kontras Quartet, and much more!  We'll be there as part of the Got to Be NC food pavilion, sharing delicious cheese straws with locals and visitors alike.  See you there!  For more event info, check out

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Queen City, Here We Come!

Hello Friends!  It's been a busy few months over here at Five Points, but we're taking a few minutes out of the kitchen to spread the word that we'll be participating in the 2014 Taste of Charlotte.  Mark your calendars for June 6, 7 & 8 - downtown Charlotte will be hosting tons of good eats including our delicious straws!  We'll be part of the food pavilion hosted by the Got to Be NC program, featuring all kinds of North Carolina-produced delicacies.  Please help us spread the word, and we'll see you there!! 

Spring Has Sprung!

Finally, we've emerged from winter hibernation.  Happy First Day of Spring!  We hope winter was good to you and yours, but here at Five Points we are definitely ready to move into spring.

We invite you to celebrate the new season with a glass of your favorite beverage and a handful of cheese straws.  We've made a few changes around the website, and added a few new products in the store.  

We've also been busy adding new retailers, and a few new locations with our established partners.  More news to come!

Hello Sunshine State!

Five Points has ventured South to the Junior League of Jacksonville's 2013 Holiday Market.  We're here with delicious cheese straws and baking mix, and a variety of beautiful gift options.  This is our introduction to Florida, and the hospitality and warmth has been fantastic.   We're selling prepared straws and baking mix, and our signature Halloween Boo Buckets now through Saturday here in Jax - and taking orders for our Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah tins as well!  Not in Jacksonville right now?  Stop by our online store to place your order, and we'll get the straws to you!

Getting ready for all the festivities at the 2013 Holiday Market!

Recipe: Delicious Gluten Free, Low Carb Fried Chicken

Love truly good fried chicken, but miss it terribly since you went gluten free or picked up that low carb diet?  Never fear - we've got the solution.  Truly delicious fresh fried chicken - without gluten and for a mere pittance of carbs.  A tasty, flavorful treat - the way fried chicken should be!  Remember: if you use an entire small box of straws to bread your chicken there will be a total of 10.5 grams carbohydrate in play (not to mention 17.5g protein before you add the chicken!); 18g carb/30g protein (before the chicken) if you use an entire large box.  


Fresh chicken tenderloins

EITHER: box of prepared Five Points Baking Company Cheese Straws OR Gluten Free Cheese Straws as prepared using Five Points Baking Company's recipe (see prior recipe post - you'll need a bag of our baking mix, 1.5 C extra sharp cheddar and 6 Tbsp. butter).

Fresh egg (1-2 large eggs per 1lb chicken)

Oil to pan fry chicken (we like olive oil)


1.     Trim fresh chicken tenderloins as desired; rinse and pat dry.  Set aside.

2.     Beat egg (one-at-a-time) in a separate bowl until well mixed.

3.     Crush prepared Five Points Baking Company cheese straws into crumbs.  Set aside in small plate.

4.     Roll chicken tenderloin in egg to coat, then transfer to plate of crumbs and roll until coated as desired.  Set aside onto clean plate.

5.     Heat oil in pan over medium-high heat.  Place breaded tenderloins in pan and cook until chicken meat is thoroughly done (white all the way through).  Adjust heat as necessary to ensure crumbs do not burn or overbrown before chicken is fully cooked (all cooktops are different).  Set cooked chicken on new plate lined with paper towel to absorb excess oil.  Serve immediately.


Going Local: For Your Convenience

Our days are getting cooler, and the holidays are right around the corner!  We've got a suggestion as you gather your gifts this year - be sure to check out local shop For Your Convenience.  Located on Bickett in Five Points (just a few doors down from Wine & Design), For Your Convenience boasts a great selection of lighting, vintage furniture, home decor, art, stationery, jewelry, accessories, specialty food and wine - in short an eclectic and fun mix!  There's always something new - it's never the same shop twice. You can't help but love a place like FYC, where you can drop in to pick up cheese straws, a nice bottle of wine and a fabulous new piece of jewelry.  Shop local, and tell them we sent you!

Recipe: Gluten Free Cheese Straws

Golden cheddar goodness, with just the right amount of kick!  Makes about 12 oz. when prepared as directed.

1.5 C Extra Sharp Cheddar, Freshly Grated
6 Tbsps Butter
1 Bag Five Points Baking Co. Gluten Free Cheese Straw Baking Mix


1.     Grate cheese, and set aside to reach room temperature.  Set out butter to reach
room temperature.

2.     When butter and cheese reach room temperature, preheat oven to 350 degrees.

3.     Empty entire bag of Five Points Baking Mix into food processor (or into mixing bowl used with an electric mixer).  Blend/mix until spices and salt are thoroughly and evenly distributed throughout.  Set aside.

4.     Place room temperature butter and grated cheese into food processor (or mixing bowl used with electric mixer).  Blend until mixed into a paste (if you used orange cheddar, this paste will be soft orange).  Add pre-blended dry mix, and mix together until dough forms.

5.     Options: you can use a pastry bag, cookie press OR make wafers using the slice & bake method:

     -Pastry Bag or Cookie Press: fill bag/press and pipe dough onto non-stick cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 12 minutes, or until straws are slightly browned around edges. Note that straws may look a little pale upon removing the sheet, but will darken slightly as they cool.  Adjust baking time as necessary to achieve preferred texture/color for finished straws. 

     -Slice & Bake Wafers: Form dough into a log shape (or squared log shape for square or rectangular wafers) and wrap with plastic wrap.  Place in refrigerator until firm.  Remove plastic wrap, slice (slices should be 1/4" thick) and place onto non-stick cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 12 minutes, or until straws are slightly browned around edges. Note that straws may look a little pale upon removing the sheet, but will darken slightly as they cool.  Adjust baking time as necessary to achieve preferred texture/color for finished straws.  Note:  We don't recommend going much thinner than 1/4" slices at this time and temperature.  Slices thicker than 1/4" will produce chewier wafers and may require adjusting baking time/temperature.

Happy Baking!!


Going Local: Crafty Beer Shop - Five Points

We just made a new friend!  Crafty Beer Shop has recently opened in Raleigh's Five Points, right across from Hayes Barton Pharmacy.  The shop boasts an impressive selection of craft beer, both on tap from behind the bar and in the bottles lining the shelves.  This is a locally owned new venture, and you'll be treated to a warm welcome by folks who know their beer.  The official grand opening is slated for later this month, but if you stop by you'll find the shop open and ready to go with plenty of beer available - not to mention a few local savories including our cheese straws!  Wine by the glass is coming soon as well.  With plenty of seating and wifi available, you can think of Crafty Beer Shop like Starbucks - with beer!!  Today is National IPA Day - swing by and celebrate with the folks at Crafty Beer Shop!    

Thank You Williams-Sonoma!

Fresh off a wonderful time at the July 2013 Williams-Sonoma Artisans' Market hosted yesterday by the Raleigh store in Crabtree Valley Mall, we want to extend our warmest thanks to the company and the local team for this opportunity.  Take note: Williams-Sonoma is indeed a big retailer which affirmatively supports their local communities in thoughtful ways.  The company allows local artisans participating in the Market to sell goods directly to customers during the Market - providing everything from professional promotional support before and during the Market to beautifully appointed tables for displaying artisanal wares, and everything in between right down to the quality Williams-Sonoma shopping bags for customer purchases.  Extra special thanks to the Raleigh team for their exceptionally warm welcome, and all of their help during our first Market.  Mark your calendars: the next Crabtree Williams-Sonoma Artisans' Market is slated for Saturday, August 24th.