Over the years we’ve fielded all kinds of special requests for custom food gifts. We have worked with individuals and companies to produce all kinds of custom gifts, including:

  • Corporate Gifts

  • Wedding Favors

  • Bridesmaids/Groomsmen Gifts

  • Out of Town Wedding Guest Gifts

  • Shower Favors

We have relationships with some of the best North Carolina small batch food producers, and regularly feature their treats alongside our own. We’ve got you covered with delicious, locally produced candy, chocolate, coffee, dressings, honey, jellies, potato chips and sauces. Our clients are often those who have received one of our gifts from someone else. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more about our approach to food gifts:


We do not work in volumes sufficient to compete with the big box stores on price, but our clients often comment that we deliver excellent value. Pricing depends upon your custom configuration, with some consideration for quantity needed.

As a general rule, wedding favors start at $3 each and custom food gifts start at $24 each. There are low minimum quantities for custom orders which vary depending upon the items to be included.

We ask our clients for a desired price point for each gift, along with some discussion regarding the desired packaging, color scheme and any content preferences. We then take the time to build a few options within the budget, and the client makes a final selection.


First impressions count, and we strive to create custom gifts that present well. Your recipient will know at first glance that thought and care has been put into the gift you’ve selected. We believe that’s the point of gifting!

Our clients direct the overall aesthetic of the gift (casual or elegant), the color scheme and the contents. We tend towards premium fabric ribbon, unique embellishments and directing the spend towards the contents rather than the base - but everything works in concert for a unified, professional appearance. In short, we’ll make sure your gift looks good!


All too frequently, mass produced food gifts look good on the outside but are disappointing once you’ve taken a bite of the contents. We’ve scouted some of the most flavorful options available from the Old North State to avoid that let down. Our partners are well established, but they’re still small businesses. We have relationships with each of them, and in most cases have tasted their full line of offerings so we know their treats are good. Everyone enjoys different things, but we can promise your recipients won’t find flavorless pretzels, bland crackers or off brand sugar candies hiding in our gifts.

Shipping Available

We delight in sharing the good tastes from North Carolina to friends and loved ones beyond the Old North State - and we know we’re not alone! We can ship your carefully curated custom gifts to recipients anywhere in the United States. Please note that shipping will need to be calculated based upon the weight and size of the package - but we can give you accurate pricing using your choice of FedEx, UPS and USPS Priority Mail.

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